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Now I Know

  • [B] eye features of those not getting enough rest
  • [T] me, myself, and _
  • [T] first of three w’s
  • [B] title after being knighted, for males (1st of 2)
  • [B] it’s neither prime nor composite (2nd of 2)
  • [B] homophone of “halve ewe”
  • [T] plural form of “is”
  • [T] ignited or, to Gen Z, exciting
  • [T] sound of hesitation
  • [T] remove the weakest (1st of 2)
  • [B] bleat (1st of 2)
  • [B] #000000
  • [T] the German
  • [T] simile phrase
  • [T] familial relation of Aqua or Ruby to each other (1st of 2)
  • [B] “I only regret that I have but one life to lose ______ country” (1st of 2)
  • [B] countable sleep aid
  • [B] highest rank in Pokémon Unite